Auto Body Repair Testimonials

Richfield - Impressed by the professionalism and efficiency

My Honda Pilot was recent repaired at your shop following an accident. I was impressed by the professionalism and efficiency of all staff with whom I came in contact. Explanations of the process were easy to understand, and I also appreciated the frequent updates on progress of the repair work. The Pilot looks great, just like it did before the accident.
Thanks and keep up the good work!!

Ron B.
Richfield - Minneapolis

Burnsville - Excellent service

I had some warranty repair yesterday. The GM was very helpful and took care of the problem quickly and easily. Staff was very professional. I plan to return as needed.

Brenda W

Eden Prairie - Great job on paintless dent removal!

I brought our 2017 Mercedes C300 to LaMettry's after being told by other body shops that PDR was not an option for the two dents on right rear quarter panel caused by a careless driver opening their door into our car (twice!) . One of the dents was in a body line on quarter panel above right rear wheel well. Willie did a superb job of removing both dents! Looks like damage never happened! I want to express my appreciation to Jeff Graen for recommending PDR as primary option and body/paintwork as last option, unlike the other body shops I visited for estimates. I'm a very satisfied customer.

Brett P.
Eden Prairie

Eden Prairie - An 11 on a 1-10 rating scale - don't go anywhere else

Prompt, professional, courteous, flawless work and with a complete customer focus.

My 12 year old BMW went in looking like a 20 year old car and came out looking as new.

As with all car services, we had some bumps in the road; insurance delays, BMW parts delays, LaMettry's even had a few missteps. Surprises are part of the car service processes, what matters is how they are handled. They were on them immediately, finding solutions that fit my needs vs. theirs, and always trying to please.

They even repaired adjacent scratches, and poor panel fit on the car. Best technical repair I've ever had on a car, in addition to their outstanding service.

Greg S.
Eden Prairie

Lakeville - Excellent service

I've been taking my vehicle to LaMettry's for regular maintenance for over two years now. What drew me in was their friendly and helpful customer service I received over the phone. My experience once I arrived was even better. The staff offered to change the channel for my restless toddler and had snacks to keep her occupied while we waited. Sounds simple, but goes a long way.

On top of their great customer service, I trust Mark with my vehicles needs. He's responsive, honest and exceeds expectations. He'll offer me tips for regular care and asks me questions to make sure he understands my needs.

Thank you LaMettry's!

Jen M.

Burnsville - Impressively Honest Staff, Superior Quality, Timely Work

Lamettry's (Burnsville) takes the stress out of normally stressful car repair situations. This location has consistently provided accurate evaluations and excellent damage repair service on 3 occasions. The staff (both in the front office and Mr. Bergen) portray an impressive level of knowledge and professionalism in assessing the full damage. In one case, I was offered a less expensive, problem solving option given the depreciated value of my vehicle. When a manager looks you in the eye and says "I could take your money for this but it wouldn't be right" . . . you have found a reputable shop! Repairs were done as promised, Quality workmanship, and completed ahead of schedule. I'm appreciative!

Dana W.

Richfield - Professional, top notch people, skilled technicians

Everyone at LaMettry's from Stephanie at the front desk to the skilled technicians that you don't see in the shop are highly skilled professionals. They put you at ease and take care of your car whether the job is large or small.
Dylan is the best. Thank you again.

I would never go anywhere else. Although hopefully I will never need to see them again .

Susan B.
Richfield - Minneapolis

Lakeville - Check Engine Light is OFF

I've had a couple fine experiences with LaMettry's. Most recently for my Mass Air Flow sensor replacement. Every trip to the lake it would light at sometime. Before the trip for the 4th of July it was banished by Mark and his team...Thanks I love my 15 yr old Silverado again.

Tom D.

Maplewood - Always the Best! :0)

I have had two cars that unfortunately needed different repairs, but fortunately the repairs were fixed perfectly by the great auto body experts at LaMettry's! I have always gotten excellent service by all of the staff there! Kari did a wonderful job keeping me updated on the status of my last car repair, and my car was able to get fixed within one week. The only downside was that I had to wait 2-3 weeks to bring my car in to repair it (perhaps the parts had to be ordered and/or they were really busy), and sometimes the new paint color can't be matched or blended in perfectly with the original paint color, though they can get close. Besides that, I still would give LaMettry's an A+ job because the people are great to work with, and my cars have always worked beautifully after having them repaired. Perfection is hard to reach, but LaMettry's comes very close to perfection. I am very satisfied with the service that they give, and I am impressed with the overall quality!! Keep up the great work! :0)

Kalpana P,

Eden Prairie - Kept us posted

Brian was our contact person and he did a great job of keeping us posted on all aspects of the repair process! He also took time to remove some paint from my rear view mirror that was not part of the repair work.
The coordination of the rental car with Enterprise went very smoothly as well.

Thank you,
Allie C.

Alice M. C.
Eden Prairie

Lakeville - Excellent customer service

I discovered I had a leaking tire and drove to the nearest body shop, luckily it was LaMettry's. The service technician came out to take a look and even helped put on my spare. They ordered a tire replacement at a reasonable price and installed it later the same day. Lucked out with LaMettry!


Maplewood - Hats Off to Pete and Erik

Pete took care of my Audi like it was his own. Thank you for working with me to fix the scratches from my neighbors and Erik really made my day and I felt like it was a big time service from highly qualified individuals with a small town feel of really knowing what I wanted and could do! Wow! I really felt valued as a repeat customer.

Rebecca B.

Eden Prairie - Thank you

Thank you for providing great repair to our car. We want you to know Becca Gordon, your employee, was personable, professional, knowledgeable & followed through on her return phone calls. You do excellent work and she is an excellent asset to LAMETTRYS!

Lawrence & Paulette G.
Eden Prairie

Richfield - Customer for Life!!!!!!

LaMettry's is great! The Richfield location exhibited amazing customer service throughout the estimate and repair process. I brought my car in after getting into a fender bender that required some extensive front end damage (new bumper, grill, headlight, etc.). Dylan took great care of me and my car, dealing directly with my insurance company and making a potential painful ordeal entirely simple from start to finish. He updated me with every step of the process via phone calls and texts. The repairs look wonderful and I couldn't be happier with my decision to have my car fixed by LaMettry's! Do yourself a favor and check them out if you're in need of repairs.

Graham P.
Richfield - Minneapolis

Richfield - What great service!

I have taken two of my cars to the Richfield location and they have taken such good care of me.

Mike walked me through the entire process and keep me updated.

I would definitely recommend them!

Koleen K.
Richfield - Minneapolis

Maplewood - AWESOME

The customer service is always friendly. With this being a awful time, they make you feel welcome and comfortable. My manager was Dave. I gotta say he is simply fantastic. What a great place for collision repairs and a GREAT place for an awesome team. Thank you again Dave. Happy New Year

Lauren C.

Eden Prairie - Like New Again

I hit a deer with my Tesla Model S. LaMettry\'s is the only Tesla-certified repair shop in Minnesota. At first, I felt a little skeptical about having essentially no choice about where to get my Model S repaired, but I was happily surprised. They were very responsive to my inquiries about when Tesla\'s back-ordered parts would finally arrive, and when they repaired my car, they were very good about providing updates and keeping me informed about when the car would be ready. I thought the customer service and repair quality were both excellent!

Robert John C.
Eden Prairie

Richfield - EXCELLENT customer care

Everyone at the Richfield location is amazing but I especially want to thank Josh for EXCELLENT customer care and for being so nice and helpful with my car situation. I am very pleased!

Thank you.

Monica M.
Richfield - Minneapolis

Maplewood - Imparting confidence through professionalism, empathy and service.

I had several deep scratches on my 2011 SAAB, probably from a door of a neighboring car in a parking lot. Dave Miller assessed the damage and advised how much it would cost to replace the two panels that were affected. We agreed that the expense would be prohibitive considering the age of my car yet there was the likelihood of rust if untreated. I had obtained the appropriate touch up paint but had no experience in applying this. Dave applied it and the clearcoat on the spot in the parking lot and refused to charge for the service.

I was amazed by his professional approach, competence, interest in my situation and willingness to help out, especially since I dropped in without an appointment.

The receptionist was also very helpful and the waiting room relaxing.

To me, this relatively simple gesture represented more then a business transaction but a way of respectfully helping another human being–an approach that often is lost in pursuit of the "bottom line" and Impersonal market economy efficiency. Ultimately it is also good for business.

Vincent R. H.

Richfield - Greg Wood and LaMettry's is the Best

Have been a highly satisfied customer of LaMettry's for over ten years. With 4 kids and 3 teenage drivers lets just say we have been regulars and Greg Wood's service has always been second to none. This week he took it to another level.

Recently, I was in to talk to Greg about one of my other cars and I showed him some tailgate rust on my 2011 Honda Odyssey. He suggested I check into this with Honda as he was aware of this as a problem for this make and model...sure enough I checked and it was covered for repair under an extended warranty with Honda which was just about to run out! Honda contracted the work to LaMettry's which I was thrilled to hear so I called Greg and mentioned maybe they could take a look at a few scrapes and scratches to see what they could do. Just picked up the car and can't believe how great it looks! Not only was the tailgate rust superbly fixed but many scratches and scrapes had been buffed and repaired. The car looks like new and I couldn't be happier.

Hats off to Greg Wood and his excellent team at LaMettry's for going above and beyond to please a long-time customer. We'll see you soon!!

John T S.
Richfield - Minneapolis

Burnsville is top-notch

I just wanted to take a couple minutes out of my day to personally thank and acknowledge the team at LaMettry's in Burnsville, especially Josh! I was a bit stressed out about my car after the body was damaged in a hail storm and they quickly turned everything around and made me extremely happy with the results. It didn't take long, and they even cleaned the inside of my car for me and I didn't even ask for it. I will keep coming here. Very honest and genuine people.

Kristie B.

Maplewood - Great service

I want to thank you for the wonderful and dependable service at the Maplewood LaMettry's. Andy is the best !! He greets you with a smile always and I know that the repair will be better than new.

Satisfied customer.

Mary B.

Richfield - Awesome Customer Service!

I want to thank Josh for helping me with my Lexus.

Excellent customer service!

Evangeline T.
Richfield - Minneapolis

Maplewood - Repairs done right!!!

Repairs done right is the end but the means is equally important. The means are the staff and technicians. Front desk staff-welcoming, courteous, helpful, efficient. Managers-Andy is knowledgeable, precise, detailed, kept me informed, and the intermediary with the insurance company with my best interest his priority. Although I didn't meet any of the technicians their expertise was reflected in my car being as good as new which included the detailing as added value.
I have had two occasions that required repair. Although my first choice is not to need the services provided by LaMettry's, I am happy that I chose LaMettry's.

William B F.

Burnsville - Great service

I am so impressed with the outstanding service I received from Rick Doane today. I agreed that Allstate could install a used but, new audio/navigation system in my Toyota Venza. The agent I had worked with on my car was not available so Rick listened to me so intently. He offered to try to help me even though I had no appointment. He sat in the car with me to see what might be the issue. Rick explained to me what he thought it was and took the car to the diagnostic machine. He was back in 10 minutes with the problem solved. He went beyond the call of duty and programmed my information syncing my phone information. He treated me like his own mother! Rick was fantastic. Thank you.

Susan M

Richfield - Full service damage repair

Everyone at LaMettry's Richfield was professional and helpful in repairing my Honda Accord after an accident with a deer. The repair on the a/c took a little more work but got done. Thanks to LaMettry's Richfield. Chris

Christopher C
Richfield - Minneapolis

Richfield - Awesome service!

I stopped in this last Tuesday to find out if a simple part could be ordered for my Land Rover - washers/clips for a side panel. My Land Rover is 10 years old and in good condition but I didn't want to put too much money into this cosmetic problem.

Greg Wood jumped in to help from start to finish. He helped track down the part that was needed but the cost would have been excessive for the simple fix that was necessary. He took the time to come up with an alternate fix that is working perfectly. He took the time to look around for the part, call Land Rover for detail information on the part and process, and walk out to my car to analyze the issue. He then came up with this great solution and even attached the panel for me. It was awesome service. I'm so appreciative to Greg.

We have not ever used LaMettry's for service of our vehicles in the past. but will definitely keep in mind for future services. AND I will recommend to friends and family.

Thanks again for your service.

M. W.
Richfield - Minneapolis

Maplewood - First stop body shop

I have only tried a couple of other places as my go to body shop, but my last few encounters with LaMettry's for glass work and a post-accident inspection were great. The service is stellar and I will continue to recommend that when work is needed, LaMettry's is the first stop body shop!

Jeremy P.

Bloomington - Thank you!

Hello LaMettry’s team,
I just wanted to extend a thank you for the great service I received in my experience with your staff. Specifically, Mike Spainhower was absolutely fantastic to work with & is a great ambassador of LaMettry’s. Through our communications, Mike was honest, responsive, and diligent in effectuating the right results for the situation with my vehicle. Unfortunately, my beautiful car ended up being a total loss, but Mike helped make the process a little easier by providing for optimal customer service throughout the experience. I now know where I will take any future collision needs in the future!

Thanks again!

Ashley S

Maplewood - Communication and work was great!

My driver side door had been backed into leaving a huge dent while everything still worked. I had went online and got an estimate with some attached images and it was pretty accurate to the actual cost. Initially it was going to take a week for repairs, however it ended up taking almost three weeks. They were consistent with communicating to me what was going on, calling me twice a week. They had first installed a new door however it was damaged door and so they had to order a new door from Germany for my VW GTI. That took extra time but once that door came in it was quick work getting it painted and getting it back to me. Besides the long time it had taken to fix my car, not entirely their fault, it was good work especially the warranties LaMettry's and my insurance cover. I'm pretty happy with the repairs and really appreciated their communication.

Cherjay T

Burnsville - Professional, Courteous, and thorough

Our Honda Odyssey van was in for body repair work this week. I found the employees to be thorough on their initial inspection of the vehicle, and throughout the repair process, they continued to update me via text on progress and delay. The complete job was excellent with the entire right side of the car looking like new as they blended the freshly painted areas into the old areas. A complete cleaning was also done on the car interior which I did not expect but greatly appreciated. Their warranty is also excellent. I would definitely recommend LaMettry's in Burnsville to anyone and return there if the need arises (which I hope it doesn't).

Geraldine M

Burnsville - Great Staff, excellent company to deal with.

So very happy with the work done on my car. The CSR's are very understanding & explained to me exactly what was going to happen. I was given an estimate, & kept me in the loop as the car went through repairs. This is an amazing company, driven by professionals in every sense of the word. Class act, from free estimates to repairing my car! I would recommend this company to all my friends who are in need car work. I will be going there to have my car serviced from this point forward. Excellent !

Janeen G

Maplewood - Dave Miller: Extra Mile Customer Service

I brought in my Toyota Corolla today. There was a rattling sound in the underbody and I had been referred to LaMettry's Maplewood by my Toyota dealership. Dave Miller came out to meet me and discuss the problem. He drove the car and noticed the same problem right away. He said they would put it on the hoist and pinpoint the problem. After fifteen minutes or so he came out and told me that the problem was solved: No Charge! I work in the customer service industry as well. What Dave and his team provided for me today was EXTRA MILE CUSTOMER SERVICE. He should be commended. I will continue to recommend LaMettry's and Dave Miller specifically. Thanks for all your help.

Andy G

Richfield - Greg Wood Excellent Customer Service

We live in Omaha Ne. and our daughter attends U of Minn in Minneapolis. She was involved in 2 minor mishaps back to back in September in Minneapolis. Luckily, we were referred to LaMettry's. Greg Wood did a great job of handling the claims with the insurance companies, arranging for the repairs and arranging for the rental car for my daughter while her CRV was repaired. Greg emailed photos and the estimates to us in Omaha and phoned us repeatedly through the process to keep us up to date. Our daughter says he was polite and professional with her and was very easy to deal with. She was very complimentary of Greg, as are we. I would recommend LaMettry's to anyone needing repairs and thanks again to Greg Wood for his excellent customer service.

Jack A

Richfield - Great service

I've previously had work done by the folks at the Richfield LaMettry's. The work was done quickly and very well.

So, when I noticed I had a number of scratches on the driver side back door and the passenger side rear fender, I brought my car to the Richfield LaMettry's.

Greg looked at the scratches and thought they could just be buffed out. He immediately took my car in, had the work done, and brought it out. I was there no more than 20 minutes, had my problems fixed, and he charged me nothing for the work!

As I said to Greg, "You guys know how to keep a customer. I'm sure I will need work in the future, and you can bet I'll bring it here!"

Bob H

Maplewood - Friendly & Efficient

Thank you for a job well done. Everyone was friendly and efficient.

Lorraine H

Maplewood - Great Service

I had a flat tire and in no time Eli Padilla responded by sending Jeff over to change the tire and bring it back to LaMettry's and get it checked out, a new tire ordered, and all taken care of in a short time. As a person who works full time this kind of service means a lot, since I depend on my car for back and forth! Thanks to LaMettry's for excellent service!

Francine C

Richfield - Above and beyond

I just had the most amazing service at the Richfield LaMettry's. I whacked my side view mirror and wanted to settle for a cheap fix, but the guys there found a replacement unit, spray coated it to perfectly match my car and charged me what the cheap fix was going to cost! Seriously! I am blown away by what they did for me and will be forever grateful. It is not often these days to get customer service like that. These guys are awesome!

Carolyn A

Paintless Dent Repair - Made sure I was satisfied

They took the time to make sure I was satisfied with my paintless dent removal before they sent me away. Very reasonable with pricing.

Jacob H

New Brighton - New Car Repair

LaMettry's repaired by 2015 Highlander Hybrid after a truck hit the back end. After their work, the car with only 1800 miles looks like new - no rattles and everything works okay. Thanks to Dave Miller for all the help.

David F

New Brighton - Thanks for your quick service!

I went to get an estimate at the New Brighton location today. Chad took a look at the dent & said he could fix it quickly. He fixed it on the spot for free! Thank you! 🙂

Denise P

BURNSVILLE - Above & beyond

Dropped my truck off Monday morning, went to work & had a medical emergency. When they texted me on Wednesday that my truck was ready for pick up, I was still in the hospital with no way to get my truck. They drove my truck to my house & picked up the rental car. Saved me & my family the hassle of one more thing to deal with.

Don C of Savage

Don C

Inver Grove Heights - EXCELLENT SERVICE

I want to thank the staff at IGH for the great job they did on my car after an accident. I have never had an accident and knew nothing but with the great help of Kris he got me thru the process. As the Saturn Auras are no longer I think parts were hard to find but they came thru and did a beautiful job. I called and stopped in numerous times to talk to Kris, he was always there to help with a smile and was so patient with my questions.
The staff at Inver Grove Heights is exceptional!
Thank you again


Eden Prairie - Outstanding Service!

I brought my Boxster in for what I thought would be an expensive paint job to remedy what I thought was scratched paint. To my amazement, Chris Nordquist made arrangements to get it buffed out at a fraction of the cost of a repair! This is customer service at its highest level, and I thank Chris for taking care of my car.

Chuck W

Burnsville - Beautiful work...again

I chose LaMettry's because of the terrific job they did on my crunched '87 BMW convertible several years ago. Now they've done it again with my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which had rear lift gate/windshield damage. I especially appreciated the extras like the Armor All-ed tires, shampooed interior carpet and the free oil change. Couldn't recommend them higher!

Bob B

Bloomington - A++ Customer Service

I don't know much about cars but I do recognize and admire superior customer service and that is what you'll find at LaMettry's Blmtn. During such a stressful time immediately following an accident you couldn't find more professional, reassuring people that keep in constant contact with you on the status of your claim and vehicle. They go above and beyond in every aspect. I will highly recommend LaMettry's at every opportunity. The front desk ladies were smiling and so kind. Special thanks to Mike and Jim for exceeding every expectation throughout from start to finish!!

Rebecca S

Bloomington - Professionalism

I want to complement the service at the Bloomington store in Minnesota. There was some confusion on what to work on regarding my 2014 Jeep Cherokee and your staff owned it right away and fixed it for free. After that there was a mix up on some of the work I wanted done and they fixed it the same day. My Jeep looks amazing!

The detail work is the best I have ever seen inside and out. My compliments to the person who washes the vehicles.

I was set on never coming back to LaMettry's and after the professionalism shown to me at the Bloomington location, you have made a life customer.

Good work Nick and Jim...


Che Z


LaMettry's does exceptional work with A+ Customer Service. We will be sure to make it a point to send anyone we know who needs collision work to your company. A special Thanks to Chris Nordquist for his friendly and outstanding customer service and work.

Thank you again ,
Dave and Beth M

Dave and Beth M

Maplewood - Fantastic Service!

I recently had my car in for a repair at the LaMettry's location in Maplewood. Not only was the repair done perfectly and fast, the staff was so incredibly friendly and went above and beyond in every way! Dave Miller was so helpful and made the experience completely hassle free.


James W

Maplewood - Great Service!

I just want to commend Dave Miller and Jon Raye for their excellent support for my recent vehicle repair.  My situation was complicated my the involvement of several different insurance companies.  Dave focused on my needs and helped me get the best and fastest outcome.  John went out of his way to go to Menards and purchase a special hitch pin for me that was missing.  Great service guys.  I will be recommending your shop to my friends and family.


New Brighton - Couldn't Be Happier!

Chad Remick and his team did an Outstanding job on repairing my vehicle after being in an accident. They made it look like brand new again!!! Couldn't be Happier! Thank you All So Very Much! 🙂


Richfield - Keep Up the Good Work!

James at LaMettrys was excellent and personable, he made it a positive experience and my car looks great!! Also, the ladies at the front desk were very nice. I will spread the good word about how I was treated. Thanks James, keep up the good work!

Norma S.

Inver Grove Heights - Fantastic!

The staff here are fantastic. They are fast, friendly and professional. I had minor damage to my door which I thought was going to cost an arm and a leg. They fixed it the same day for less than the other local body shops. I never felt like I was being "upcharged." I will definitely be returning for any future body work needs!

Alex G.

Lakeville - Honest and Professional!

Unfortunately I have had 2 different vehicles repaired at the Lakeville location. They were honest and professional. The repairs were flawless. The vehicles cme back to me one step short of being detailed. There are a lot of company's that could learn the definition of customer service from the staff here.

Matt M.

Burnsville - Awesome Job!

I was elated with the service I received at the Burnsville location. From the first call to the final pickup every contact I had with this team was professional and exceeded my expectations. The office ladies were friendly and smiling. Both of the gentleman I dealt with for quote,drop off and pick up were so helpful and quick.  They arranged for my rental car, dealt with two insuance companies and it was all transparent to me.  And the best part is, the work was done faster than expected and it looks great.  They did an awesome job all around and I would recommend them to anyone.

Kristi M.

Inver Grove Heights - I am so Happy!

I am so happy with the service I received both from Chris Nordquist and the young lady at the desk.The coffee was good too. Will recommend LaMettry's to everyone.Thanks so much!

Francine A.

Inver Grove Heights - Exceptional Service!

Dear Store Manager:

I would like to formally compliment one of your team members, Ms. Darrin East, for the exceptional service that she provided to me as a prospective customer of your business.

Recently my brother was involved in an automobile accident resulting in some reasonable damage to his vehicle. I contacted your location on Wednesday, March 11th to discuss having his car repaired by your establishment as he has had previous experience with your company and is confident in the quality of repair work that has previously been provided to him. Fortunately, I am not overly familiar with the process of having a car repaired after an automobile accident, therefore in reaching out to your location I was looking not only to set up an appointment for an estimate but some additional information on all the steps that are involved in this process. When calling your location I was lucky enough to reach Ms. East who was extremely helpful in answering my questions and explaining exactly what I could expect throughout this entire process.

Ms. East took the time not only to inform me of the information that I would need to complete this process but also went above and beyond her responsibilities by offering to reach out to the compensating insurance company on my brother’s behalf to obtain all the information necessary for this claim. Ms. East obtained all the necessary information from the insurance company, reviewed the estimated repairs to set a reasonable repair time expectation with us, prearranged a rental car and reached back out to me with available appointment times within one hour of me providing her with the minimal claim information we had. Talk about efficiency and convenience! Ms. East continued to answer my questions until we were able to get this completely set up.

Ms. East’s professionalism and ability to expedite this process to accommodate our schedules far exceeded my expectations and is something I am greatly appreciative of. Because of Ms. East’s efforts, I was able to accomplish exactly what we needed without any inconvenience or stress to us. Because of my interactions with Ms. East, I plan to utilize your business for this repair as well as any future repairs that any of my family’s vehicles may need. I would recommend your business and specifically your location to others. Please let Ms. East know that her efforts did not go unnoticed. You have a team member that makes your customers feel appreciated and valued in Ms. East – though I have no doubt that this is something that you have been made aware of many times over.


Kelly F.

Kelly F.

Richfield - GREAT!

These guys stand behind their work. La Mettry's repaired my Honda last year. I recently noticed some of the paint was blistered and peeling. La Mettry's in Richfield was GREAT! After a brief inspection, they scheduled the job and repainted my entire bumper without question or cost. Thanks to James and Mike B!

Roberta B.

Richfield - Such a Pleasure!

I am not interested in scratches, scrapes, accidents or crashes, but I am always interested in saluting excellence and that is what LaMettry's at Richfield is all about. Greg Wood is my go-to guy, but none of the staff would be there if they weren't at the same level. It is such a pleasure to experience a service or product that is heads and shoulders above everyone else. That is LaMettry's at Richfield.

Ron W.

Burnsville - We Will Continue the Recommendations!

I was rear-ended and a co-worker recommended Lamettry's to me. I am so happy I went with her recommendation! They did everything I needed, worked with insurance, warranty coverage, etc. While my vehicle was being repaired they kept me up to date on the progress and Sean really took care of me and my Honda civic. Thanks so much, will continue the recommendations =)


Maplewood - Exceptional Experience!

We had an exceptional experience working with Russ Wyganowski at the Maplewood location.  He went above and beyond our expectations with his thoroughness, professional demeanor, and customer focus.  The service we received was exceptional and we would look forward to working with Russ again should the need arise.

Dan J. and Mary J.

Eden Prairie - I Love My Car Again!

Boy, it's difficult to state how exceptionally well I regard my entire experience with the group at Lamettry's in Eden Prairie. Being extremely particular with my vehicles appearance, I was nearly depressed at the reality of needing repairs done to my Range Rover Autobiography. I have an eye for body/paint work and can usually pick it out quickly. Through experience I'm aware of the skill  required to do a proper job and know that many people have the job and not the skill. That being said, I previously wasn't convinced I could the people that would do the repairs with the quality and attention to detail that I wanted. I did in fact find them though, at Lamettry's Eden Prairie. You guys knocked it out of the park. My Rover looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. The hood was replaced and the driverside rear-quarter was repaired. The work was beyond my expectations but exactly what I wanted. I credit your entire staff for their effort. I greatly appreciate the service I was provided by Steve, Aaron, Brandon up front and the repairs performed by Mike and the rest of the skilled technicians in the shop. The paint color and texture are a perfect match. It looks absolutely original. Day 1 original. I love my car again. Thank you.

Chris B.

Inver Grove Heights - Thank you, LaMettry's!

Last week a friend scraped my front bumper and, since I have used LaMettry's before, knew that I would get a quick, professional and prompt estimate. Chris Nordquist went out to the car and assessed that I didn't need to replace the bumper, but that buffing out the scrape would take care of the damage. He's was right and it was affordable and I am, once again, a happy customer. Thank you, LaMettry's!

Lee B.

Maplewood - The Best!

I can't begin to thank ALL the people that worked with me at LaMettry's in Maplewood. From the day I drove in until the day I left with my car I was provided quality service. They walked me through the process, kept me informed, helped me through the down days of insurance glitches and sent me home with a vehicle that that's in better than great shape! They are a terrific team of incredible people dedicated to providing excellent workmanship and service. They're the best!

Michele L.