christmas car decorationsMerry Christmas and Happy holidays from LaMettrys! Decorating your house with garland and Christmas lights is a wonderful tradition and activity for the whole family, but what about decorating your car for Christmas? Considering we spend so much time in our car, why not add some festive decorations to lighten the mood during your commute? When others see your car it will put a bright smile on their faces, spreading the Christmas cheer. Here are a few simple ways to decorate your car for Christmas:

Reindeer Car Kit

Try purchasing this simple reindeer car kit for Christmas decoration. It’s a 3-piece set that comes with two antlers and one red nose. Each antler fits in your car window, and the nose is a soft plush fabric, ensuring a scratch-free bumper.

Front Bumper Christmas Wreath

Many people enjoy placing wreaths on the front of their cars, and it’s pretty easy to do. Buy a small wreath from your local grocery or Christmas store, and fasten the wreath on your front bumper. It’s best to do this with zip ties or durable string. We recommend buying a softer wreath for prevent any scratching that may occur.

Christmas Magnets

These large Christmas magnets offer a great selection of Christmas figures including Christmas trees, candy canes, and snowmen. The best thing about these magnets is that they are hassle-free and easy to add and remove.

Other ideas also include setting garland in your back window or painting your windows with fake snow. All of these decorations will get you in the spirit and have you bellowing “Merry Christmas” to all!