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Experience Excellence: LaMettry's Ensures the Best Tesla Repairs

LaMettry’s Collision Center is proud to be a Tesla-approved repair facility, adhering to the meticulous standards set by Tesla to handle your vehicle’s needs. Our technicians are expertly trained under Tesla’s rigorous program to ensure your Tesla receives care that meets its unique requirements and maintains its high performance.

Why Choose a Tesla Approved Body Shop?

Tesla’s High Standards

Tesla demands a thorough understanding of their technology and repair techniques that are unique to the brand. Our technicians receive ongoing training directly from Tesla, ensuring up-to-date knowledge and skills.

Commitment to Safety

Tesla vehicles are known for their advanced safety features. Being an approved body shop ensures we understand how to properly restore these systems to their original state, preserving the safety and integrity of your Tesla.

Specialized Equipment

We are equipped with the latest Tesla-specific tools and technology, which are essential for meeting their precise repair standards. This includes aluminum welding equipment and tools designed specifically for Tesla battery systems and powertrains.

Our Tesla Repair Services

Genuine Tesla Parts

Only genuine Tesla parts are used in our repairs to preserve your vehicle’s warranty and ensure compatibility and performance. Each part is designed and tested to fit and function perfectly with your specific Tesla model. repairs according to Volvo’s guidelines, preserving the safety and sophistication of your Volvo.

Our Tesla Journey

LaMettry’s Collision Center has achieved and continuously upholds its Tesla approval through rigorous training and facility enhancements to meet Tesla’s exacting standards. Our technicians undergo intensive annual re-certifications, embracing the latest technologies and repair techniques, ensuring that every repair adheres to the highest safety and quality standards. Regular audits by Tesla validate our processes, and our ongoing educational efforts in new technologies guarantee that we are always equipped to handle the latest Tesla models. Our commitment is showcased through vivid visuals of our state-of-the-art facilities, underlining our dedication to maintaining the peak performance and safety of your Tesla.

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Learn about our Certifications

LaMettry's expertise lies in providing certified repairs for a wide range of makes and models. Our highly trained team holds the latest certifications to give you peace-of-mind and ensure a top-notch service experience with a hassle-free repair process.