Volvo Certified Collision Facility

Ensuring Scandinavian Excellence with Volvo Certified Collision Repairs

Your Volvo is a testament to Swedish design, blending safety with luxury. At LaMettry’s, a Volvo Certified Collision Repair Center, we ensure your Volvo’s distinctive attributes are carefully preserved.

Volvo Certification

Safeguarding Swedish Ingenuity

The Volvo Manufacturer Certification Program is a commitment to maintaining the impeccable safety features and performance of your Volvo. Choosing a certified repair center like LaMettry’s guarantees your Volvo receives specialized care, training, and adherence to Volvo’s rigorous standards.

Reviving the Swedish Elegance of Your Volvo

LaMettry’s offers a wide range of Volvo-specific repair services, each strictly aligning with the manufacturer’s standards:

LaMettry’s Commitment to Certifications

Preserving Volvo’s High Standards, Locally

As a locally owned and operated collision center, LaMettry’s proudly upholds the international standards set by leading vehicle manufacturers like Volvo. Our highly trained technicians are committed to these standards, delivering high-quality, reliable service.

Our staunch commitment to certifications emphasizes our expertise in handling repairs according to Volvo’s guidelines, preserving the safety and sophistication of your Volvo.

Benefits of Choosing a Volvo Certified Repair Center

Choosing Certified: Ensuring Safety, Authenticity, and Swedish Luxury

By choosing a Volvo Certified Repair Center like LaMettry’s, you ensure a service that matches the high standards of your Volvo. Each repair is performed using genuine Volvo parts, preserving your vehicle’s performance and protecting your warranty. With LaMettry’s, your Volvo remains a true Volvo.


A Volvo Certified Collision Repair Center, like LaMettry’s, adheres to the rigorous safety standards set by Volvo. These standards cover technician training, repair methods, and the use of genuine Volvo parts.

Yes. Services performed at a certified facility adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines, ensuring your warranty remains valid.

Yes, our technicians receive extensive training to meet the high safety and quality standards set by Volvo.

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Entrust your Volvo to LaMettry’s, where local dedication meets global safety standards. We’re not just repairing your vehicle; we’re preserving the essence of Swedish design. Choose LaMettry’s for a repair experience as luxurious and safe as your Volvo vehicle.

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Learn about our Certifications

LaMettry's expertise lies in providing certified repairs for a wide range of makes and models. Our highly trained team holds the latest certifications to give you peace-of-mind and ensure a top-notch service experience with a hassle-free repair process.