Paintless Dent Repair

Our PDR Process

Over time, your car can get banged up for no apparent reason. One morning you wake up, you get ready for work, and you notice a dent in your door, or a ding on your hood. Where did it come from, what happened?

Perhaps, another driver bumped your vehicle while trying to parallel park, or opened their car door into you. Whatever the cause, don’t despair, because paintless dent repair is a quick-and-easy process that will get most dings out in no time.

When you spot a dent in the body of your car, the first thing that comes to mind is that you will have to repaint the area once it’s fixed. But that’s the beauty of PDR – there’s no need for a touch-up, as it preserves the existing paint finish. We use specialized tools to slowly massage the dents and straighten the material without chipping or cracking the paint job.

Hail Damage? Contact LaMettry's!

Hail Repair and Storm Damage

Most of the time, the cause of these minor dents are hail stones, storms, and the elements they propel towards your vehicle such as cracked wood, pebbles, stones, and more. PDR is the best auto hail repair solution out there, so long as the damage is not too severe and the paint job hasn’t been severely compromised. However, we offer conventional repairs as well, and can advise you on what is best for your situation.

Insurance Covered Repairs

Don’t think that door ding repairs and other minor dents are covered by your insurance policy? Chances are that your vehicle is insured for this type of damage, so be sure to let us handle the claim process and get you reimbursed for the costs of PDR as well.

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