Repair Process

Step By Step Guide

01. Disassembly for Repair

  • Disassembly and damage assessed by Certified Technician and Repair Plan Manager.
  • Repair Plan written per OEM repair procedures including pre-scan for ADAS.

02. Insurance / Owner Approval

  • Repair Plan estimate submitted to Insurance/Owner.​
  • Mutual agreement on cost of repair.​

03. Parts Ordering

  • Approved parts ordered.
  • Received parts checked for quality and accuracy.

04. Mechanical Repairs

  • Performed by Certified Repair Technician.
  • Includes mechanical service or repairs, suspension/driveline, electrical, airbag, and restraints.

05. Structural or Frame Repairs

  • Performed by Certified Technician.
  • Includes unibody/frame computerized measuring, repair, and replacement

06. Body Repairs

  • Performed by Certified Repair Technician.
  • Includes body parts and sheet metal repair/replace.

07. Paint

  • Paint applied to new parts, repair areas, and blend panels where necessary by Certified Refinish Tech.
  • BASF limited lifetime warranty included.

08. Color Sand and Buff

  • Parts from paint polished to a clean finish.
  • Quality control on paint application and final finish.

09. Reassembly

  • Parts from paint installed on vehicle.
  • Vehicle restored to full specifications.

10. Post Repair ADAS

(Advanced Driver Assist Systems)
  • All required scans and/or calibrations performed by Certified Technician.
  • Vehicle restored to factory OEM requirements for safe and proper repair.

11. Dynamic Systems Verification

  • Test drive to verify proper operations of ADAS systems performed by Certified Technician.
  • Vehicle ADAS systems restored to factory specifications for safe and proper repair.

12. Post Repair Wash

  • Car washed and vacuumed.
  • Diligently cleaned to shine.

13. Quality Assurance

  • Customer Service Manager performs Final Quality Inspection.
  • LaMettry’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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